A Truly Distinguished Gentleman Rides To Fight Prostate Cancer

This Sunday, over 30,000 well-dressed gentlefolk from over 400 cities in 79 different countries will ride to help fund a cure for prostate cancer. If you have a cafe, scrambler, bobber, or just want an excuse to dress up and ride for a good cause, you should join them.


This year marks the third year for the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, an annual ride for charity to raise funds for prostate cancer research. In 2013, their first year, they raised $277,000. Then 2014 saw that number rise to $1.5 million. For this year, they’re aiming high and trying to raise $3 million.

Every year, one in nine men will develop prostate cancer, and over 500,000 men will die from it. DGR has partnered with a number of research variations around the world, and you can find more info on prostate cancer and the organizations they partner with here.


Don’t think that the ride is only for men, women may participate too so long as they come distinguished and dapper. To find a ride near you, enter your address in the “register for a ride” box here. It’s free to participate, though we definitely encourage you to contribute with more than just your time if possible.


Sadly, I’ll be on a plane to go test ride some the new Monster 1200 R Sunday, but a lot of great guys I know are planning on going to the DGR Los Angeles ride, which meets at the Griffith Observatory at 8:00 am.


Joe will be riding in the Chicago ride and will have a report for us next week, and we’ll have several photographers are rides throughout the country. Check back for a report next week and have pics ready to share in the comments.

Also, if you’re attending a ride, post which one in the comments below.

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