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Since the GM EN-V debuted today, here's another balancing act which has caused furled brows over its necessity. The Taurus Concept is a compact, urban-targeted, open-top, saddle-ridden vehicle balancing on two wheels. Wait, isn't that a motorcycle?


The all-electric Taurus Concept is the brainchild of designer Erik Lanuza, who sees increasing city populations, traffic and pollution as problems his idea can solve. It's basically a more stylish Segway with a saddle. When driven, it balances on two wheels, turns when you lean to one side and brakes when you lean back. Let's be real here, it's an electric motorcycle that's abandoned the KISS concept. Tech-porn for the sake of it, and that's fine for whoever might be interested, but we'll stick to the form that's been around for a hundred twenty-five years. Take the Taurus Judge to this Taurus Concept. [ATCrux]


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