A Subaru 'Evoltis' Sounds Like The Name Of A Medication With A Lot Of Side Effects

Photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images), Subaru

The term “Evoltis” sounds like it belongs in a commercial with a man reading to a grandchild, a woman taking a deep breath during an outdoor yoga class, and some other person deeply reflecting on life. It sounds like medication with a lot of side effects, basically. But it might be the name of a new hybrid Subaru.

Evoltis: Here to relieve your dependence on gas stations.

If it were medication, it would be perfect for people who need to stop to go to the bathroom all the time.


Aside from how much it sounds like a medicine that spends half of an ad listing possible side effects, Car & Driver reports that the name “Evoltis” was part of a U.S. trademark filing from Subaru Corporation last month. The filing for the name had the code “1B,” according to the story, which means “intent to use.”

The name could be used in a lot of ways, and Car & Driver reports that Subaru of America declined to comment on it when asked. But Subaru’s planning a plug-in hybrid by the end of the year, which it hasn’t said much about in terms of specifics, so there’s a possibility that it could be the name of an actual car.

“Evoltis” also makes sense conceptually as a car name, considering the “E” in “electric” and the “volt,” also electric. But this “Evoltis” name could also be for something less major in the works at Subaru, like a Subaru-branded medication with a lot of side effects. (Alright, Subaru probably isn’t making medicine.)

Here’s more on the planned plug-in hybrid itself, whatever its name may be, from Car & Driver:

Earlier this year, Subaru chief technical officer Takeshi Tachimori said that the automaker has “used Toyota’s technologies as much as possible” for the plug-in hybrid. From that, we’ll extrapolate that it will almost certainly borrow off-the-shelf technology from the Toyota Prius Prime. And it would be out of character for Subaru not to combine that with a version of Toyota’s E-Four all-wheel-drive system—with a third electric motor for the rear wheels—that’s offered on the Prius in Japan.


You know, “Evoltis” could also be the name of a tragic super hero who gets really sad about fact that their only super power, shocking people upon touching them, alienates them from intimate relationships and ruins their personal life.

The possibilities for this name are endless, and mostly very boring or sad.

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