A Small Roadster Wouldn't Be The Worst Thing For Volkswagen To Build

VW's Walter de Silva recently said he is "convinced that a small roadster wouldn't be the worst thing for Volkswagen." It's probably the opposite of the worst thing. The worst thing would be the company going out of business.

The last time VW thought about building a small roadster was with the Bluesport concept that was shown in 2009. That pretty little roadster looked a bit like a smaller Porsche Boxster with a mid-mounted diesel lump.


It was very pretty, but was ultimately binned in favor of increasing levels of beige.

Well, apparently it's under consideration once again, at least by some executives. And, if you'll allow me to wildly speculate for a minute, it could be more feasible now that VW owns Porsche. They could develop one platform for Porsche as well as VW and probably Audi in order to make it cost effective. They could also put a range of engines under the hood.

Once again, I want to make it totally clear that what I just typed is speculation from one source with no inside knowledge of Volkswagen. That source is me.


Would still be a decent idea, even if I'm the only source of this rumor.

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