is like Sweden's version of Craigslist. Right now you can go to the site and buy a real 2006 BMW-Sauber F1 car as easily as a twice-rebuilt Ikea bed.


Well, the BMW is a bit more expensive, to the tune of 9,000,000 Swedish krona. That's about $1.37 million dollars.

The listing hilariously explains what you get for your money.

Others want to know about the car is that it has several gadgets which we expect to be a new car of today should have. BMW Sauber F1 .06 has namely anti-spin control (but no traction control), trip computer, multifunction steering wheel, sports seats and rear wing. Just like the fancy car anywhere.

Good that it has a trip computer. You know, for checking your fuel economy. We're going to warn any potential buyer that MPGs will be low, what with the circa-700 horsepower 2.4 liter V8.

BMW Dealer United Automobile (Förenade Bil) in Malmö is selling the car, and it's currently resting in the showroom next to a plain, white 5 Series.


(Hat tip to Peter!)

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