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Ok, so let's say you're an data analyst at accounting and security consulting firm Ernst & Young down in Texas and you're hoping to get some work done tonight at home. Your big client is all ready to jump down your throat cause you guys hadn't put together that promised credit card tracking system they'd been looking for. So as you drive up to your home late in the evening, you remember "golly-gee, 'American Idol' is on tonight — I better hurry on up inside — plus I can't wait for those cold brews sitting inside the fridge!" Unfortunately for us, you've absent-mindedly forgetten there's a laptop with hundreds of thousands of customer names, addresses and credit card numbers sitting in your car. Later that night, as you fall deep into your booze-induced sleep — an ex-con with the nickname of "Muffy"...

...breaks the window on your Cirrus and jacks the laptop from your passenger seat — credit card numbers and all. When you wake up and stumble outside in the morning, squinting from the glaring sun — you see what's happened to your car and you begin to get this awful feeling in the pit of your stomach.


We hope that feeling sucked, cause it can't be very far off from the feeling felt by thousands of poor schleps who now have to deal with the reprecussions of your stupidity, ourselves included. So let this be a lesson to you, Ernst & Young employee — Don't leave important shit like my credit card number in your car, ok? If you aren't smart enough to remember to bring it with you at all times, then get yourself a set of handcuffs and handcuff it to your arm until you're smart enough, k? Thank you. That is all.

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