A Porsche Turbo Is The Best Way To Discover Downtown LA

With an air-cooled Porsche 911 Turbo at night. Duh!

Remember when Volkswagen tried to sell you Golfs with a bit of 'Night Driving'? Well, 911 maniac Magnus Walker knows exactly what they were on about.

That's why the people of downtown Los Angeles know perfectly well how a 930 Turbo sounds like when it pops and bangs on the overrun. I really wish the TDI Yeti standing in front of my flat could do something similar.

Not a chance.

The other thing is the wheels. It's true that a set of alloys can make or break a car.


I stayed stock and put Speedline Abarths on my Autobianchi. They look exactly like the plastic wheel caps did except for the red scorpions in their middle. Than again, I don't own one of every 911 from 1964 to 1973 like Magnus does.

At that level, you just make your own Fuchs version. Computers, diamonds cutting billet aluminum, tight rubber and perfection.

One day. Until then, just go for a good drive!

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Andrew T. Maness

The best representation I've seen of driving around downtown LA at night that I've seen.

I spent a night down there when I had the SS from Chevy, the way that sounded in the 2nd street tunnel was completely insane.