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Jalopnik is all about journalistic transparency, and in that spirit I invite you to watch this faithful re-enactment of a typical editorial meeting.


Just kidding, Jalopnik editorial meetings are much more terrifying. But this five-minute condensation from Everything is Terrible of the plot of the 1998 direct-to-video film Captured, starring Nick Mancuso, is definitely weird. The plot of Captured basically entails a guy trying to steal a Porsche 911 Turbo (good choice), when the owner shows up. The thief then discovers that this particular Porsche has been outfitted with a number of custom features, including a lockdown feature that leaves him trapped inside the car (bad choice). Hijinks ensue.

That being said, I now want to go watch the whole thing. Sounds like a nice way to kill a couple brain cells, and still be good to drive afterwards. If you can stomach getting in a car, that is.

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