I don't know why, but I think a fast police is much scarier than an Impala or whatever. Sure, a speeding ticket is a speeding ticket, but a cop car with a ton of horsepower just screams "Don't even think about it." Case in point: This Nissan GT-R suited up for police duty.

This police GT-R comes from Forged Performance, who debuted it at this past weekend's TX2K14 festival of speed in Texas. No, it's not an actual police car. (Thankfully.) It's Forged's shop car decked out in cop livery with blue and red lights on top.


Forged may have had some issues in the past, but maybe this means they're solidly on the side of law and order these days. Whatever, the car is pretty cool, even if it's not something I'd ever want to see in my rearview mirror.


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