Last week we learned about Rover's aborted Mini Cooper concept that had an engine in the back. The more traditional front-wheel drive, front-engine idea won out, but what do you get when you combine the two and add 500 horsepower?

Answer: You get the Twini, a project car built by San Francisco tuner Jacques Andres that packs a traditional 1.6-liter supercharged Mini engine into both ends of the car. It's an all-wheel drive, two engine Cooper built for endurance racing. Yahoo! Motoramic says the Twini has two transmissions as well, but only one set of controls, which is probably good.

Andres and his team lent the Twini to noted denim and car enthusiast Jay Leno, who found it to be a nasty-sounding marvel of engineering that pulls with manic power.


It's a real shame it's not street legal, though I'd still love to see what this thing could do on a track.