A Million in Parts: Still No Buyer for Vermont Muscle Car Junkheap

Somewhere deep in our automotive lizard brains, we want to be Bruce Cliche (yes, that's his real name). Deep in the woods of Vermont, Cliche's property is home to, as he calls it, the "largest known privately owned collection of vintage, high performance, and aftermarket car parts in the USA that has not been completely raped and pillaged." Among the treasures amid an unconscionable volume of rusty crap (sorry, parts cars), are some killer eBay bait, including mint cast-aluminum Mickey Thompson rocker covers, an aluminum 426 Hemi intake and a rare cross ram for a 413 Chrysler motor. Cliche says there are more than one million parts on the site, and is asking the equivalent of a mere $30 for the top 50,000 parts, with the rest thrown in for free. That's $1.5 million. Firm. C'mon lizards. [Thanks to Geert for the tip.]


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