A Man Led Police On A Chase Just So He Could Finish His Hamburger

Personally, I wouldn't have done this. But I get it.

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Have you ever been so hungry that satisfying your burger craving meant more to you than a stint in jail? One man in Louisiana claims that he didn’t stop for the police that were trying to pull him over, not because he didn’t see them or didn’t care, but because he wanted to finish the burger he just bought. And according to the Miami Herald, police didn’t buy it, because they still arrested him.

Allan Seaberry, a 37-year-old resident of Monroe, Lousiana, was driving his 2006 Chevy Impala with lights so bright that police couldn’t see — at least, that’s what the officers involved are claiming. But when officer Dylan Johnson flipped on his own red-and-blues for Seaberry to pull over, the man in the Impala decided to make his escape. From the Herald:

When Johnson put on his siren lights to pull the car over, it raced away and set off a “lengthy” high-speed chase. According to the police report, the vehicle reached up to 60 mph in 25 mph speed limit zones and drove through six stop signs without coming to complete stops.


The chase eventually came to a stop in front of a house. That’s when Seaberry hopped out of the car with one of the culprits behind the chase: A burger he was in the middle of eating. I’m not even kidding. It’s in the affidavit of the arrest.

After being placed in double-locked cuffs and read his Miranda rights, Seaberry let officers know he couldn’t stop because of an issue with the car’s brakes and that he “wanted to eat his burger that he just purchased.”


Who can really blame the man, though? If he just bought it, we can assume this was a fast-food burger. Have you ever had a cold fast-food burger? Talk about disappointing.

Wanting to finish that burger is going to cost him, though. With a bond set at $6,050, Seaberry is facing multiple misdemeanor charges, including the use of multiple-beam road lighting equipment, lack of motor vehicle insurance, driving unlicensed and fleeing from an officer.


If you’re planning to run from the cops, maybe don’t try to blame it on your dinner.