A Man Is Throwing Money Out Of His Car During A California Car Chase

It's a little after 10 PST on a Wednesday, which means that it's time for a car chase in Los Angeles.

But this one is a little different: The driver has been throwing money out of his car and people are crowding the streets to get it.


The man driving the Volvo allegedly robbed a bank and was making his escape. In what was either a brilliant or stupid move, he is throwing money out of the car as he drives.

On the positive side, people are storming the streets to pick up the loot, which is impeding the cops behind. On the negative side, he's losing all the money that he just robbed the bank for.

Like all car chases, he didn't get away. The driver was just stopped after an 80 minute chase. It's not clear what will come of all the money he gave away.

Check out the scene below:

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