A Little Tribute To The "Black Mouth"

The Seat 1200 Sport was nicknamed Bocanegra, which translates to "black mouth." It was called that because of the distinctive black plastic surround for the whole face of the car. Black plastic is often derided in auto design circles, but I think it really made this car.


This was SEAT's first car to be entirely developed in their own design center (though it still had Fiat-derived underpinnings), and as such was a source of Spanish automotive pride. I've never actually seen one in person, but I think they're one of the best examples of mid-late 70s hot hatch design (it was made from 1975-1980). I also like that "Sport" in this context means all of 67 HP (some sources say 77).

What do you think? Are black raccoon-faced cars due for a comeback?

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