A JetBlue Pilot 'Tried To Take Down' A Plane Today

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A JetBlue pilot is now in FBI custody after suffering some form of mental break down on a flight from New York to Las Vegas. The co-pilot allegedly kicked the pilot out of the cockpit and passengers tackled him.

Flight 191 from JFK to Las Vegas was diverted two hours ago to Amarillo because of the pilot's panic attack. According to Twitter user Grant F. Heppes who was on the flight, the pilot "tried to take down the plane" before being apprehended by passnegers.

JFK issues a statement saying the plane was diverted "for a medical situation involving the Captain" and that a pilot on the plane who was dead-heading took over command.

UPDATE 1: Someone claiming to be on board shot video of the aftermath, you can see everyone standing up and hear someone yelling in the background. A few people say variations of "oh my God" as a flight attendant asks for people to clear the aisle.


UPDATE 2: Gizmodo has more video from on-board the plane, including one where the flight attendant asks passengers not to take pictures. She is ignored.

UPDATE 3: We just interviewed one of the passengers, here's what he had to say about the co-pilot getting the pilot to leave.


UPDATE 4: The pilot has been identified as Clayton Osbone, an experienced long-time pilot with the company.


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