A Japanese Man Drives His Awesome Porsche Race Car On The Streets And Doesn't Crash It

Even though Audi has been the dominant name at Le Mans for the last decade, the undisputed king is still Porsche with 16 overall wins.


One of those all time awesome cars in the 962C. And one Japanese man loves his so much that he drives it all over Japan.

The 962 isn't something that you'd expect to see on the roads everyday. Amazingly, the owner says that it's easy to drive on the streets and actually comfortable, which isn't what we expected at all.

If you had a 962, would you drive it every day? Cause we sure as hell would.

(Hat Tip to Luke!)


For Sweden

I'm not versed in the history of historic sports car endurance racing. Might someone explain how a Porsche 962C is street legal?