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A Jalopnik Field Trip: Every Day Is A Winding Road, We Get A Little Claustrophobic

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Well, one of us here in the Great Lakes State is in the midst of a quick two day jaunt out to Ann Arbor, the far left of center automotive universe. Since we were out here, we decided we'd check in on a fellow auto blogger and see how he's doing in his new digs at the Road which endlessly is Winding. Chris Paukert, formerly of the autoblog which must not be named, has been beknighted by David E. Davis as the new blogmaster (which sounds even more dorky than dungeonmaster or even the newer webmaster) over at David E. Davis' online-only magazine of motor vehicles. We met up with the boys (and girl) who work it hard in the bullpen over at the ever-Winding Road-way at the Ann Arbor campus-side eatery by the name of "Jerk Pit" (whoever thought of naming a restaurant after our favorite sport gets a jerky smelling right-handed thumbs up from us) and then...


...from there we followed them over to their offices (who woulda thunk it, blogging from an office — we shudder, but whatevs). Lucky for us, everyone's so nice and friendly over here at Winding Road — it almost makes us forget the horrible claustrophobic feeling we felt seeing those Steelcase-like cubicle walls. Fear not, we'll be leaving shortly — before we start to want to ask folks for TPS reports or snatch someone's red stapler, and inadvertantly causing a conflagaration of epic proportions.

The Winding Road Blog

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Al Navarro

Unlike some pubs I've written to to drum up press interest in the 07-07-07 Se7ens event I'm co-conspiring, these guys actually wrote back. Good eggs, I say.