I’ll admit, I’m a bit late to write about this since it’s been going on the past few days, but I was sick as a dog last week, and, well, you’re the real victims, here. But no more wallowing in self-pity! If you love old air-cooled Volkswagens, then you should absolutely be aware a fascinating and huge collection of them is being liquidated from a Puerto Rico museum as we speak, and there’s still a ton of fascinating cars for sale.

The museum was known as Volkyland, and has been Dr. Norman Gonzalez’ pet project for decades. The collection, amassed over 60 years, is considered one of the largest in the world for air-cooled VWs.

It’s absolutely impressive, no question. The sale is being handled by someone who’s likely the most qualified person in the world for this sort of thing, Randy Carlson, the man behind the classic VW sales site Oldbug.com.


I know Randy personally, and his involvement should make any potential VW-buyer feel secure about everything. The man knows his Volkswagens. Here’s Randy and I on the set of Sticker Shock with my ‘73 Beetle, just in case you need proof that I might actually know people who aren’t deadbeats:

The collection includes all kinds of interesting things, including interesting Things, rare buses, real Kubelwagens, fake Kubelwagens, an alligator-hunting Beetle, Beetles in disguises, Type 34 Ghias, New Beetles with old Beetle guts, rare Brazilian Pumas, a Fridolin, and so much more.


The collection is wildly varied, and while things are getting sold off, there’s still plenty there, so if you’ve been waiting to find some really novel bit of old air-cooled hardware, this seems like a great time.


Remember, Puerto Rico is part of America, so Americans will have no trouble registering cars—there’s just the usual shipping hassles, but Randy will guide you through all that, I’m sure. Just look at all the interesting stuff in there—it’s a great way to kill the rest of your work day.

So! Who needs some healthy kidneys? I got a left and middle one ready to go right now!

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