A High-Tech Mobile Shrub Will Let You Spy On Anyone

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Are you a spy with a James Bond mission and a Mr. Bean budget? The camera-equipped and electric-powered Terrestrial Shrub Rover is the "car" for you. Why? It's disguised as a well-manicured shrub.

The Terrestrial Shrub was designed by Jason Shull and made its big public debut at Grounds for Sculpture last October. The Shrub Rover is powered by plug-in solar electricity and is underpinned by a compact go-kart frame with a fiberglass dome and glued on faux foliage.


The enclosed nature of the shrub requires outward facing video cameras to pipe in a view of the outside world. It's so convincing you're shocked to see a door open at the end of the above video. It looks like the scene in a Loony Tunes cartoon where Bugs Bunny hides in a bush and walks around Elmer Fudd, deftly avoiding his gaze and perhaps throwing on a dress and wig whilst hiding. We say make it faster and this could be a riot at a park or golf course.

[Justin Shull via Neatorama]


Nothing beats a box when it comes to undercover work.