Who’s up for a scavenger hunt? There’s only one thing to find, and it’s big and yellow. It’s a Porsche 911, and it’s in some parking garage near the Empire State Building. I have a hunch, if anyone can find it, it’s Jalopnik readers, because they have a history of finding yellow rear-engine cars.

Here’s everything we know: a guy went out this past Friday, and parked his car in some parking garage near the Empire State Building. He got drunk, wisely decided to not drive home, and then later realized not only did he lose his parking ticket, he had no idea where his car was parked.


So, that’s where you New York-area Jalops can come in. We’re told he’s offering $1,000 for whomever finds the car, so there’s some pretty good incentive to go looking.

NYC parking garages are obtuse, labyrinthine things, with hidden elevators and caverns and are really more like car crypts than anything else, so this won’t be easy. It’s in some garage around the building, midtown south.

Here’s the details of the car:

2015 Porsche 911 Targa 4s, Yellow, NJ license plate E88 BUP

If you find the car, you can give the Porsche-misplacer named Justin a call at 732-865-2065. And yeah, he said it was okay to put his number in the story.


Who’s up for a Porsche hunt?

UPDATE: Holy crap, it worked. The car was found in a parking garage on 35th st, by someone named Max. Max sent along a pic of the car from the garage’s security camera:


So, Max is $1000 richer, and, for those speculating, Justin is not a repo man. This is his personal car, and he just needs to be a little smarter the next time he gets drunk.

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