A Guy Just Drove A Tractor Over Seven Cop Cars In Vermont

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A Vermont resident just took to a farm tractor and ran over seven police cruisers. We spoke to police and they currently have "no idea why" this happened.

And yeah, seven cars.

It sounds like the suspect drove his farm tractor over vehicles from the Orleans Country Sheriff's Department and Newport City Police Department. He then kept going down the road until he stopped near a bank. For some reason he then got out and continued on foot.


He was caught and is now in custody. We've reached out to the Newport Sheriff's office and are awaiting further comment. As of right now, they're as confused as we are, though probably less amused.

UPDATE: Police are saying that the man involved, 34-year old Roger Pion, committed the act because he was "upset over a recent arrest." Yep, that sounds about right.


(Hat Tip to mackensie!)