A Grumpy Fun-Hating Farmer Stops Rallye Deutschland in the Middle of the Stage

Photo: Jaanus Ree (AP)

Rallies are not places for stopped cars. Rallies are for speed. Rallies are not the place you’d expect a farmer to protest the fact that cars are going too fast around him, but that’s exactly what went down at Rallye Deutschland earlier on Saturday.

Driver Louise Cook posted a picture of their frustrating situation while they were stuck in the road:


The big names of the World Rally Championship were able to make it through the stage just fine before grumpy farmer man decided that he’d had enough. These events are, uh, pretty well-advertised. They let you know well ahead of time that really fast cars are going to be flying down these roads soon, so watch out!

Apparently this farmer decided he didn’t need to say anything about it to anyone—such as, possibly, talking with local government or grouping up with his farmer friends to stage a big grumble to get the course changed.

Instead, he waited until the day of the event to park his car in the middle of the track. Which seems kind of unnecessarily dangerous, but I suppose is a good way to make your voice heard.

But it is most definitely not a way to continue the Rallye Deutschland fun.

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