We are a disposable society. We frequently toss aside perfectly serviceable things in exchange for the newest, the better, the best. It’s one of the worst things about modern society, and car enthusiasts are not immune. This new video from futureclassics.tv explores that theme with Amy’s high-mile Hilux.

Amy says of her passion for her 1988 Toyota Pickup, My interest isn’t in fixing cars, my interest is in owning a car that doesn’t need fixing often.” Many people would agree with this sentiment. Wrenching is not a prerequisite for car enthusiasm, especially when it’s unecessary. This old Toyota has served Amy well for nearly 100,000 miles, and likely will continue to do so for quite some time.

When she needs to road-trip across the country, the truck is there. When she needs to renovate her house, the truck is there. When she wants to take some fire roads out into the remote wilderness of Northern California, the truck is there. Don’t you wish you had something you could depend on like Amy depends on The Bacpac?


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