A Glimpse Into The World Of Downhill Skateboarders: The Other Canyon Carvers

Every sports car driver and sport bike rider dreams of the perfect roads over Los Angeles, but we’re not the only ones (or even the fastest ones) who carve these canyons.


While us car and bike people are on a never ending quest to reach Lotus levels of simplicity with our builds, others out there already realized that you don’t even need an engine to feel real speed. Enter the world of downhill skateboarding with Jeremy Heslup’s latest movie.

Going downhill, getting a healthy push from good old gravity, reaching higher and higher speeds while staying in control. That’s what it’s all about using 500 horsepower as well as having none. With his poly-urethane wheels, gloves with pucks and 60 mph+ runs, here’s Ryan Farmer introducing you to a club of speed fanatics who wake up early and always stay in their lane.

It’s important to remember that the sunshine and those lovely canyon roads are there for everybody to enjoy. Barely legal road cars, stupidly powerful motorbikes, cyclist and even people crazy enough to be rolling down on some oversized skateboards drifting sideways as they brake. We are all friends.

The new Praemio channel will be back with a Porsche 356 next time.

European writer of Jalopnik, based in Budapest.


I have to say, the lack of leather is surprising. Jeans and a t-shirt are it, beyond the helmet and gloves? Maybe I’m just getting old.