A Full On 'Miami Vice' Tribute Will Make Anyone Want A Ferrari Mondial

The Ferrari Mondial came up as one of the easiest answers for our question about the cheapest cars with gated manual transmissions, but it's clear from the comments that there's not a lot of love for that car. Maybe this video will change people's minds.


This guy is selling his very clean 1988 Ferrari Mondial T on eBay with just 21,000 miles, and to show off how great it is, he made a Miami Vice-inspired video about it.

Now, I know what you're gonna say next. "But P.G.! Crockett and Tubbs rolled in a Daytona and then a Testarossa, not a stupid Mondial!" Well guess what I KNOW THAT. And I don't appreciate you questioning my knowledge of Miami Vice one bit, thank you very much.

Here's what you can do if you give this Mondial a good home: Pretend. Pretend you're in a Testarossa as you fight crime in your white linen suit.

Sure, the Mondial was kind of lethargic in the performance department, and it's not really the best-looking Ferrari of the 1980s. But as far as Mondial Ts go, this one is particularly desirable. It's the 300 horsepower version, so it's got some oomph.

I don't care what anyone says. It's still cool! Buy it and live out all your wildest Miami Vice fantasies!


This is basically what Doug DeMuro's life is like every day now.

Hat tip to Jonathan!



I own and run a mondial enthusiast website. Indulge me on my 10 reasons why I chose the Mondial as my 'dream car':

1) it is a Ferrari – let's face it – the mystique, exclusivity, heritage, and the backing of an active marque – there is a lot of history and emotional equity with the nameplate. I've considered myself very individualistic, I wanted my car to reflect that. There is a plethora of Porsche's, Bimmers, Mercs, and Audis where I live (SF Bay Area) – I wanted something that was unique – Ferrari accomplishes that, and in spades.

2) I wanted a "sporty" vehicle that was fun to drive – no dispute here – Yes, the Mondial is not a "fast" car relatively (I do not want any flames here) – However, it is fast enough for a family man driving two children in the back. If I want a track car, I would buy a new Corvette; and be done with it.

3) I wanted a convertible – I've always felt true convertibles distilled the touring car experience.

4) I wanted 4 seats to share the experience with my whole family (good thing I have kids and not big adults for the back seat)

5) I've always liked the notion of a "mid-engine" – I like having the roar of the engine behind – it has been auditory exciting to have the mechanical orchestra behind.

6) I wanted a car that was already at the "dip" of its value – A car that is what it is – no further depreciation or loss of relevance. I feel the Mondial is at the base camp toward the mountain of future appreciation.

7) Manual Transmission – Modern automatics are marvels. Able to shift faster than humans – I acknowledge this -, but if people do not understand why the tactile pleasure of shifting gears through the gates is so important – they probably also do not understand why somebody would go fishing instead of going to the fish market.

8) Aesthetically pleasing – I've always like the look of Mondials – I think it is a highly beautiful car – I acknowledge this is completely subjective and in the eye of the beholder – these eyes have judged, and judged positively.

9) Rear wheel drive – I respect sport cars with all wheel drive. However, I've felt that in the right conditions – rear wheel drive is a lot funner.

10) Community – A family of people that allow me to do what I'm doing now. Sharing my passion for the marque with like minded good folks such as one reading this now.