A Fourth Brand for BMW?

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According to German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Gesundheit Zeitung, citing no one in particular, BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer will present a new corporate strategy that includes the launch of a new brand. Aha, you say. What about the persistent rumor that BMW wants to buy Volvo from Ford? Not so, the paper says. Naturally, such unsubstantiated bits beg for some high-grade speculation. Will it be one of the ex-Brit brands BMW kept in the Rover deal? Perhaps Triumph? What about the more likely possibility of a high-end performance marque to face-down Aston Martin? Nah. One word: Isetta.



Actually, I think a green city car is not outside the brand image of Mini - it gets decent mileage for being so sporting - but it is slipping into the past rapidly. BMW could steer it back to that if they wanted.

Isetta, hmm. Funny looking, really tall, very short, down on cylinder count. Is this a smart car to build? Daimler evidently thinks so.

If BMW came out with a new iteration of the Isetta - perhaps without the deathtrap front-end door (that's the only reason all Isettas were ragtops: to provide an exit in a front-ender) - I'd be sorely tempted. Smart Cars have been tooling all over my little city for the last couple of days in a promo event, and they're cute as bugs. I do heart me some itty tiny kei cars.