A Ford Taurus Was The Flashpoint Of Chaos After An Attempted Theft

It’s not often that you hear of someone wanting to steal a Taurus.

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Imagine you stop to get gas and come back out of the store after paying to find someone sitting in the driver’s seat of your car. That’s what happened to one man in the Nashville, Tenn. area. Local news outlets report that the man not only stopped someone from stealing his car, but he killed another while holding one in custody until police came.

On October 26th, a man stopped at a Kwik Stop market in Nashville. Upon leaving the store, he found a man by the name of Jason Webb sitting in the driver’s seat of his Ford Taurus. I’m assuming that the owner said something along the lines of, “What the hell are you doing in my car?” because upon being confronted, Webb wheel attempted to flee, dragging the owner with the car. From local Nashville Fox affiliate WZTV:

The victim confronted Webb, who authorities say accelerated and tried to get away, dragging the victim who held onto the driver’s side door.


The owner of the Taurus was armed. In his attempt to get away, Webb crashed the Taurus into another SUV that was in the parking lot at the time. In a strange coincidence, this SUV was not only also stolen, but it was the same vehicle Webb got out of before he attempted to steal the Taurus.

Things got weirder as a fight broke out over the crash. A man by the name of Keshawn Vaughn hot out of the SUV and, in an attempt to help Webb, started kicking the owner of the Taurus while holding Webb at gunpoint. Vaughn saw that and runs. That was when the owner of the Taurus shot Vaughn, killing him. His body was found near a fence. From the Charlotte Observer:

The victim fired one shot at the second man who then fled on foot across the market parking lot. The deceased man found today (Wednesday) is that second individual,” police said. The body is that of a 19-year-old Keshawn Vaughn of Nashville, officials said. He was “found against a fence line in foliage adjacent to the market,” officials said.


The owner of the Taurus was able to hold Webb there until authorities arrived. Webb now faces charges of vehicle theft, evading and resisting arrest, aggravated assault, and possession of burglary tools. While authorities are still investigating, it seems no charges have been filed against the owner of the Taurus.