A Flipper Is Asking $30,000 Over Sticker Price For 2021 Ford Broncos

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The 2021 Ford Bronco hasn’t even hit dealerships yet, and already people are trying to make big bucks flipping them.


It almost seems inevitable with markups and flippers, right? Hot new models and greed seem to go hand in hand. Autoevolution reports that someone in LA is attempting to flip two Bronco orders for a tidy profit.

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The two orders are for Wildtrack and First Edition Broncos. Keep in mind that the MSRP for these two models is $49,475 and $61,605 for the four-door models. This person is asking $80,000 for the Wildtrak and $90,000 for the First Edition. It makes even less sense when you factor in that the difference between what he’s asking and the MSRPs is roughly the price of a base two-door Bronco.

The Facebook Marketplace posts attempt to justify the prices by noting exclusivity and order waiting times. In the Wildtrak posting, our greedy flipper appeals to those who might not want to wait until 2022, when more dealers will have stock.

You’ll be the first to drive the new Bronco-

Demand is so high majority of the 2021 orders will be produced in 2022 and dealers won’t have any Broncos available for sale until MY21 production orders have shipped.

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This is true, to a point. Whether that point is worth nearly $31,000 is up to those who see the ad.


The First Edition is an even further reach. So-called First Edition models have been popular in the last few years, with automakers attempting to capitalize on the hype and appealing to people who just have to have the first of something. The First Edition Bronco currently sits at the top of the Bronco lineup. Ford describes this model as having the mechanicals of the Badlands, the exterior of the Wildtrak and the interior of the Outer Banks.

With only 7,000 being made, it’ll be a “limited run.” Of course, the seller included that in the posting for the First Edition. He further mentions the recent charity auction at the end of March where VIN 001 sold for over $1 million. I guess that to him the charity auction result means asking $90,000 isn’t a stretch.


This individual isn’t the worst of the flippers, though. While there aren’t many out there yet, the Bronco forums are filled with discussions of either people who are flipping, are thinking about it or know someone who is planning to. Digging around in the forums led me to a Phoenix-area Craigslist ad asking $190,000 for a First Edition Bronco. And like the LA seller’s ad, this one mentions the charity auction and points out that reservations are closed.

With over 200,000 pre-orders and 100,000 orders for the new Bronco, it seems as though this greed is something we’ll see for a while. Unfortunately, it might be to the detriment of Ford. Flipper prices and dealermarkups” are going to put those who didn’t pre-order in a tough spot. These two factors may just have people waiting a few years until things cool down — or buying something else entirely.

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First, screw these people. Gross. These trucks will be freaking everywhere in a year. Who needs to be first! that badly?

Second, I’ve seen two of these in Albany, NY of all places. What gives? Is this some secret test bed for offroad vehicles? The condition of our roads would certainly make that a logical consideration...