A Few People Can Buy Actual Cars On Amazon Right Now

The Seat Mii By MANGO, 15 of which are now for sale on Amazon.fr (Photo Credit: Seat)
The Seat Mii By MANGO, 15 of which are now for sale on Amazon.fr (Photo Credit: Seat)

We are starting to look at car sales on Amazon.com as pretty much an inevitability, but a few folks in France can actually do it today. Still more publicity stunt than scaleable transaction facilitator, but hey, it’s happening!

Spanish automaker Seat (pronounced “SAY-at”) has announced that it will sell 15 Mii by MANGO compact cars through the French Amazon site Amazon.fr.

Just put down a €500 deposit with your credit card and the car’s yours! Well, not really—Seat says it’ll check you out via telephone interview and oh it’s also going to need another €10,490 as per the fine print.


But if you’re good for it, your 1.0-liter economy car is supposedly little more than a click and claimed 72-hour waiting time away.

Hey, a manual! (Photo Credit: Seat)
Hey, a manual! (Photo Credit: Seat)

My astute sense of perception tell me this car is being marketed toward women. Not that there’s anything wrong with having a pink bag and a place to hang it, fellas.

I only bring that up because I find it interesting Amazon and Seat would use such a car in this little marketing operation. Are women more apt to buy cars online than men? Guess we won’t know until such a system of car sales is operational in earnest.


So far this, and I think a few Nissan Versa Note sales in the U.S. have been the only examples of Amazon.com facilitating car buying. But someday, somehow, I have a feeling we’ll see this on a much larger scale.

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