A European Oil Change In A Lexus LFA Requires A Road Trip To Germany

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If you're one of the lucky LFA owners in Europe, you have to take your car to TMG for every oil change. It's a nice drive, but if you're too busy, I'm willing to help. See my email address below, ok?

Much has been said already about the Lexus LFA. Some people will tell you how it wasn't fast or pretty enough, how they struggled to sell even those 500 units and how putting a Lexus logo on a supercar was a ridiculous idea in the first place. There's a lot of truth in their words, however, said people are still idiots and you shouldn't be friends with them.

Start hanging out with our Raphael instead! He gets the LFA, and also has a Baja Bug. What can go wrong?


In all seriousness, I think the LFA is the best car the Japanese could do six years ago, and that says it all because we're talking about the same people who engineered trains that can do 200+ mph day after day without any delays. How fast and accurate are trains where you live compared to that?


Head of Toyota Motorsport GmbH Rob Leupen says Toyota's next supercar should use hybrid technology. That makes all the sense in the world, and it also makes the LFA even more special with its Toyota-Yamaha V10.


It even turns cruising at 10mph into an event for all around.

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Every time i see this car it makes me sad. It has an amazing sounding engine, its made with some amazing engineering, the interior is decently super-car. But it is priced beyond absurd, it was made in tiny numbers, does not perform anywhere near its cost, and has been infected with the Lexus design language plague. Then i get all depressed and think the world will never see another great sports car from Toyota.