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A few weeks back, while hanging with the perpetrators of the 24 Hours Of LeMons Gator-O-Rama, I found that an offhand comment from one of our esteemed commenters had totally colonized our minds.

You see, we were dicussing the incredible plastic-ness of our Detroit-made rental machine's interior (with the inevitable cause/effect Carpocalyptic digressions) and Assistant Perp TheEastBayKid brought up an idea suggested by Wheatking in this post about Peugeot's 12 Hours Of Sebring entry:

So.. we have the 24 hours of lemons, how about the 12 hours of sebrings. Really.. I mean the rental agencies are gonna wonder when all their sebrings are booked, with full liability insurance waivers, but it sounds like a good time.

Who's in?

Naturally, Chief Perp Jay Lamm thought the 12 Hours Of Sebrings would likely be just as much fun as the race he invented, and now all that remains is to round up sufficient participants to make it happen. You can pick up a used Sebring for cheap, or you could take Wheatking's advice and rent your race car. Just like GT350H renters back in the 60s, you could rent an extra-insured Sebring, remove the carpets and weld in a cage, and hit the race track. When you're done, cut out the cage, put the carpets back in, and explain the bashed body panels and blown head gasket by telling the rental company reps that "it just happened in the Waffle House parking lot!" Or, best of all, Chrysler could sponsor the event by donating a few dozen 2009 Sebrings to the cause, in which case all race officials would dress like Lee Iacocca and we'd find an '83 LeBaron Turbo convertible for pace car duty.

So, whaddya think? Are you in? Should the 12 Hours Of Sebrings take place the day before each 24 Hours Of LeMons race, or does an idea this awesome need to be a stand-alone deal?


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