A Car Set To Do A Demo Run At Pikes Peak Crashed Before The Race Even Started

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A Jannarelly Design-1 OSC decked out in “Official Safety Car” branding was set to do a demonstration run between the motorcycle and car run groups at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, but it crashed Thursday afternoon, reports KOAA. The car veered off the road in nearby Colorado Springs and crashed into the trees. The driver was cited for careless driving.

Josh Cones and his family saw the Jannarelly going fast on public roads provided KOAA with photos of the crash, which you can see more of on their site here. Cones told KOAA that the car was traveling fast behind him down Lake Avenue near Highway 115 in Colorado Springs, but went sideways off the road and crashed. No other vehicles were taken out with it.


The driver was taken to a local hospital following the crash, and received a citation for careless driving from the Colorado Springs Police Department. The $84,000 street-legal sports car belongs to the Jannarelly-Pure Drive Motorsports Team based in Dubai. You can read up on the car here, if you’re curious. It looked pretty cool before it was wrecked.

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb told the Colorado Springs Police Department that the car was “not associated with the Hill Climb organization,” despite the branding on the car, KOAA notes.

PPIHC organizers also released the following statement to the media about the incident clarifying the car’s role in this weekend’s races:

Unfortunately, the street-legal Jannarelly vehicle was damaged in an off-course incident on Thursday evening, June 21st and will not be able to participate in the 96th running of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. The driver was treated and released. There were no other passengers or vehicles involved.

The car’s role in the event was to make a demonstration run between the Motorcycle program and the Car program.

Our Official Safety Trucks and trained safety teams, along with a host of first responders and law enforcement agencies, will be in full force on the mountain this Sunday, able to respond to any and all emergencies should they arise.


Per the organizers, the car was not part of the hill climb’s actual safety crew and was set to do a demonstration run only.

Look, if you’ve got a demo run planned up Pikes Peak of all places, the last thing you should be doing beforehand is speeding around on public streets. Keep it under control so you can savor the potentially once-in-a-lifetime shot to show off the car to the Pikes Peak crowd, please.