We see a lot of awesome rebuilt classics. People take old European sports cars, American muscle, and supercars and breathe new life into them. But this Washington State gearhead showed what can be accomplished with a $100 beater and a few good ideas.

He started with a 2-door 1981 Honda Accord hatchback with a blown head gasket. Aside from the engine trouble, it was in decent enough shape, but this guy got down to details, pressure washing the carpets, rebuilding the engine, even installing a new electronic ignition system from a '90s Ford. Then he decided that its 3-speed slushbox was lame, got some pedals and a new transmission, and now has a 5-speed manual. Bravo!

This is the kind of trial and error non-factory spec experimentation we like to see. It doesn't cost too much money, and the result can be something better than what came out of the factory. Sure, he farmed out some of the work to a machinist, but he has a great Japanese hatch that would have ended up in the crusher looking and running good.


The only thing this one is missing is stop motion animation chronicling the rebuild process. But really, who has time for that? See the full gallery here.


Photo credit: wtfdood/imgur