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A Cadillac CT6 With Semi-Autonomous Super Cruise Sets You Back $71,300

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A coterie of semi-autonomous products are set to hit the road in the coming months, with General Motors ahead of the pack, introducing its Super Cruise feature in the new Cadillac CT6. And now we know how much it’ll cost to buy a CT6 with semi-autonomy: $71,300, according to Automotive News.


That’s the cost for the CT6 Premium Luxury Trim, reports Automotive News, which’ll start out at $66,290 with shipping. Super Cruise is a $5,000 add-on, bringing the total to $71,300. That’s up from the previously reported $2,500 figure, and puts the total cost it in line with a entry-level tax-credited Tesla Model S.

If you’re in the market for a higher-end CT6, Cadillac says the Platinum model will come standard with Super Cruise.


Here’s more from the story:

[Uwe Ellinghaus, Cadillac chief marketing officer] said making the system standard on the top trim level was important because it’s a new technology that buyers may not even know they want until they use it.

“It is certainly a feature that once you have experienced it, you are totally sold on it and will never want to give it up,” he told Automotive News, comparing Super Cruise to the adoption of head-up displays. “I think Super Cruise will go the same way.”

Nissan has a planned semi-autonomous system for the new Leaf, and Audi’s preparing to roll out what it claims is the most-advanced system on the market yet, for the new A8, including some overly-aggressive assertions that drivers should feel comfortable watching TV while the car drives itself.

But the Super Cruise system is going to be one to pay attention to. The Cadillac system controls steering, braking and acceleration—but can only be used on highways. Unlike Tesla’s Autopilot, a driver won’t be required to touch the wheel on occasion to confirm they’re still alert; Super Cruise is designed to use facial recognition software through an infrared camera on the steering column that can determine whether a driver’s asleep, or not paying enough attention to the road.


One of the biggest differences is that Cadillac says Super Cruise incorporates LiDAR mapping data, which has been gathered by a fleet of vehicles already gathering data that’s needed for the feature to work. That means Super Cruise can only be used where GM says it’s fine: it’s restrained to “divided, limited-access highways—highways with defined ‘on-’ and ‘off-ramps,” the automaker says. So no party tricks for friends friends and family while you’re outside your home.

The CT6 Platinum model, meanwhile, will start at $85,290, Automotive News reports.