A Bunch Of Ram Trucks Invaded The Nürburgring For A World Record And It's Great

Image via Bridge to Gantry on Facebook
Image via Bridge to Gantry on Facebook
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If you’re not familiar with the Nürburgring, it often doesn’t resemble rush-hour traffic in Texas. That made the sight of a bunch of Ram trucks understandably strange, but apparently these folks attempted a world record for “largest parade of pickup trucks.” Huh. What a way to spend a Saturday.


According the Ram World Record website, a Guinness World Record for largest parade of Ram trucks—the description uses “Ram trucks” and “pickup trucks” interchangeably, but that’s via a translation from German—occurred in the U.S. recently. The website invited all European Ram owners to head out to the track to beat the record, and thus, we have the Ram parade.

The website says participants registered well over 1,000 trucks for the event, and Dale Lomas from the Bridge to Gantry blog said in the Facebook video that 1,300 showed up. It’s an amusing sight, and you can watch basically all of the trucks your heart desires—there’s about an hour of video footage embedded above.

The record seems pretty contested, as Autoblog reports that Rams took it in April of 2015 with 451 trucks in Texas. Turn around a few months later in July, and 638 classic trucks broke it in Mexico.

The Guinness World Records website doesn’t appear to have the updated U.S. record referenced on the Ram website, but odds are that 1,300 trucks destroyed whatever it is. Either way, the website will update here with the verdict.

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I’m pretty shocked to even hear that there’s 1,000 Rams in Europe. I didn’t even know we exported them.