A Benefit Of Driving East

Don’t mind the sign, I was incapable of speeding. Photo by the author.

Driving eastward across the country sucks, because you begin in the wonderful wide open spaces of the West and you end up stuck in traffic on the I-95 corridor. But there’s at least one good side of the trip.

As the sun sets, you get a perfect view of the whole country laid out before you glowing and radiating, setting itself to sleep while you happily motor on. You are, at least before it gets dark and you get too tired, a little beacon of dutiful work and progress. You are defiant against the natural flow of things; going West, going to bed, settling down.


You drive against your own shadow. In my particular case one evening before Texas, it made my Volkswagen Beetle really look like a bug.

This has been an interlude in The Little Engine That Couldn’t! Please stay tuned for a full Day Three update next week.

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