A Beautiful Ode To What Adventure Motorcycling Is All About

(Image: Mad Media)

Why is danger so sexy? I don’t know. But its siren song is screaming to me after watching just a few minutes of Rip To Cabo; one of the most visually-enticing off-road motorcycle videos I’ve ever seen. And that’s just the trailer.

Off-road racer, TV personality and dirt biker Cameron Steele hosts an annual trip down Mexico’s Baja peninsula called “Rip to Cabo.” I guess now it’s a TV show too!


I tend to end up cruising along slow enough to smell the tacos when I go adventure riding myself, but a hard-charging pace is a lot more fun to watch. I guess that’s why they’re putting this on network TV in conjunction with the X-Games this year.

Anyway the speed takes a back seat to the real essence of adventure riding; which I’d describe as leaving your problems and realities of life behind to focus on a singular mission of ‘making it,’ making friends and having fun.

We’ll be able to see Rip To Cabo on “ABC’s World of X Games” at 1:30 p.m. local time on the west coast and 2:30 p.m. local time east. And of course, on the internet next month.

The trailer is a pretty solid mix of crashing, vistas and silt-eating action shots. Keep that ratio up for however long the program is and it should make for some awesome TV!


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