Tight fit... but it sure beats carrying that big awkward brute down that narrow stairwell! I have to side step downward and there's been a few times when I nearly tripped over my big feet. lol

I soaked up this small section of wall with a slow drizzle for a couple hours last week. The damp clay is peeling away effortlessly, sweet digging! Before adding water, this clay, that hasn't seen the light day for over 80yrs, was as hard as granite!


Being damp, the clay has its problems with gumming up the equip, but not only does it make for easier digging, NO DUST is a major plus! The furnance is right behind me, make all that dust in the basement in the past, then pump the dirt all over the house through the furnance, despite changing the filters monthly.

Pulling up some big rocks! I got a big boulder near the wall that I've been digging around for the last 1.5 hrs and it's not loosened up any yet. Gonna have to start screening again soon, getting to quite a pile down below.

This big pile of processed earth mined from the west wall during the winter makes for a quick haul out of the basement being just around the corner from the window opening.

Nice day to haul outside.

Taking four loads outside.

Working Outside 1

Working Outside 2

Working Outside 3

Working Outside 4

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