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A 1995 Honda Civic Hatch May Be The Only Car You'll Ever Need

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It’s cheap. It will last forever. It’s reasonably fun to wring out. It’s modular in design, with shocking levels of room for all your stuff. It gets great fuel economy. Is the mid-1990s Honda Civic hatch the only car you’ll ever need? The case could be made.

And it is, in the latest Regular Car Reviews video. This is a test of the Civic VX model, the one with a 1.5-liter engine making 92 horsepower and—allegedly—48 MPG in the city and 55 MPG on the highway. Now, I think those numbers are awfully overstated by how we rate fuel economy today, but it’s still absurdly efficient.

It’s not the coveted Civic Si hatch, or even a nicer DX, but it’s a refreshingly basic and well-built form of transportation. No power steering, no A/C, no weight—it’s like Mike’s Yugo but with Honda build quality.


Maybe this generation of Civic hatch should be the answer to everything? Like I said, the case could be made.