A 1992 Buick Roadmaster Estate for $3950?

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

If you live by the mantra of go big or go home then you'll love today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Buick wagon, as it's family-sized. Of course, you'll still need to decide if its price is a big deal.

The early '90s Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon was a derivation of the Chevy Caprice/Olds Custom Cruiser wagons, all of which shared a 116-inch wheelbase and 218 inch overall length. In comparison, the modern Ford Flex, which is presently one of the biggest wagons available here in the states, comes in at 118-inches between the wheel centers, and less than 201-inches overall. Yes, the big Buicks were big. Really big. Like, Kanye's ego big.


Of course, as we all know, size matters. However, one place where today's 1992 Roadmaster Estate comes up a little short when compared to that modern analog, the Flex, is in the drivetrain department. The base V6 in the Ford pumps out 287-bhp, while the twin turbo EcoBoost brings an eyebrow raising 365 to the party. In comparison, the Buick's 5.7-litres back in '92 could only manage 170-bhp. According to Buick back then, that was all you needed to master the road.

So, this wagon can be seen from space, and it's probably not going to rip your eyelids off with its acceleration, what does it have going for it? Well, these last of the breed big GM wagons have an undeniable presence both on the road and in a line of modern SUVs and Crossovers at the school drop-off. That comes from it size which also translates into an interior big enough to play badminton in.

Here that's swathed in azure leather, deep pile, and molded plastic in the fashion that only 1990s GM, and maybe Chrysler… well, Ford too, could do. This 126,000-KM car looks excellent inside and has seats flat and wide enough that Peggy Sue (or whomever) sidle up right close while you're taking in a show at the drive-in.


The exterior… well, it looks like a beached whale in a box, but both the paint and vinyl siding look to be in pretty good shape. The alloy wheels are also clean and it has white walls my friends, white walls!


These have the Vista Roof which makes them more desirable than the Caprice wagons of the time, and there's another feature that's equally as cool. Before auto company engineers turned their talents to cup holders, their focus was on wagon tail gates.


This one shows that expertise as - just like Amber Heard - it goes both ways. That's awesome, and one way that the Roadmaster one-ups the modern Flex with its dull as dishwater hatch back.


The seller says that he's only the second owner, and that both he and the original owner have kept the Roadmaster garaged when not on the road. That must have been a couple of pretty damn big garages as you'll notice that the car barely fits in the photos in the Craigslist ad.

Would you expect this huge car to carry and equally colossal price? Well, think again because this Buick is going for $3,950 Canadian - it's offered in Vancouver - which equates to about $3,700 U.S., or 2,727€, or 325,758 Kenyan Shillings.


What do you think, is that a little price for this big car? Or, is this Roadmaster's seller dreaming too big?

You decide!


Vancouver Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Aaron Evans and baconexplosion for the hookup

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