A 1700-hp Ford Granada Makes All The Sense In The World

The Ford Granada is the unsung hero in the company's portfolio. It's completely unassuming, largely unknown, and capable of accepting any drivetrain a Mustang can swallow and more. Here, some nutter has put a Koenigsegg-style, 1700-hp twin-turbo V-8 in one.


Dumb? Awesome? Death-defying? Utterly absurd? A treatise on how to be amazing? This Granada is all of those things. A well-funded forum member over at PassionFord decided his extremely hot Ford didn't deliver enough juice, he considered buying a Nissan GT-R but then decided to make do with what what he had, kinda. To rectify his power deficit he went on a serious metal binge, completely re-engineered his car and dropped in a mega-built Ford modular V-8 patterned after the utterly bonkers twin-turbocharged mill in the Koenigsegg CCX.

Naturally, this kind of heart transplant takes work. The Granada's frame has been reinforced with a roll cage, braces, and carbon fiber panels; the brakes have been replaced with a set of Porsche binders; and the rear suspension is a unique arrangement based on the independent setup from a Mustang Cobra R. The latter has been cantilevered to cut down on unsprung weight.

About that engine: It's a beast. Cross-bolted mains and forged connecting rods live in its belly, and custom headers feed a pair of beefy Turbonetics turbos. The lunatic building it is expecting 1700 hp, and he says that mill is probably capable of 2300 hp. No, these gentlemen are not sane, but they are living the dream. Kudos, guys — just don't forget to invest in some serious safety gear.



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