Nissan put the Japanese drift champion behind the wheel of a tuned, rear-wheel drive 2016 Nissan GT-R to break the Guinness World Record for the fastest drift ever recorded. The result: a 30-degree drift at insane 190 miles an hour.

That’s some insanely high-speed oppo.

Opposite Lock is not just the name of our wonderful gearhead community, but it’s also a phrase used to describe what you need to do to drift like a madman. Nissan sent Masato Kawabata, the Japanese drift champion, to Fujairah International Airport in the UAE to do just that. And boy did he oppo.


The drift champion sat behind the wheel of a 1,380 horsepower rear-wheel drive GT-R that had been tuned by Nismo specialists especially for the world record attempt.

Masato took advantage of the airport’s 3km long airstrip to set a new world record of 190 MPH at a 30 degree angle, taking the record from Jakub Przygoński of Poland.

190 miles per hour in an “controlled” drift? I could do that. Yep. Definitely. Easy peasy.



All photos from Nissan.

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