Illustration for article titled 9ff GT9-R: 1120 HP Veyron-Killer Looks To Become Worlds Fastest Production Car

Yes friends, this is the first image of 9ff's new GT9-R, the sequel to the 9ff GT9. The non-R version hit a top speed of 254.1 MPH from the 910 HP mill under the hood. The new R? We're told the power figure's a whoppingly insane 1120 HP. We don't know what more to expect from the newest attempt from 9ff to build a Veyron-killer, but we do know it's got a real shot at the title of world's fastest production car. We're anxious to see what the future holds for this super-duper-charged Porsche 911. Click here for a high-resolution copy of the above shot. [GT Spirit]


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