900 HP Super Cuda, Super Challenger By Mr. Norm To Debut At SEMA

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We anticipate the Dodge Challenger will have a substantial showing at this years SEMA show, and if these two entries from Mr. Norm are any indication, its going to be a big horsepower show. The "Super Challenger" and "Super Cuda" are a pair of heavily modified Challengers sporting 900 HP from Kenne Bell supercharged V8s in addition to their snappy styling and big wheels. Considering the heft of the Challenger is one of its biggest problems, 900 HP seems a good starting point for upgrades. The production program for both won't start with 900 horses. Instead, they'll start at a base model, complemented by several stages with upscale performance and accessories. In addition, each of the parts and add-ons featured on the Mr. Norm's Super Challenger will be available to enthusiasts separately. So feel free to mix and match at your pleasure. Two of the most humorously cheesy press releases since Velveeta went into business await below to explain the details.

Holy horsepower! It’s Mr. Norm and his Super Challenger. Armed with a pavement pounding 900 horsepower Kenne Bell supercharged and intercooled 6.1 Hemi engine, the Super Challenger is the new Sheriff in town. The neon lit streets and shadowy alleys are rife with pimped out sedans, wicked coupes, and other automotive scum. Life is over for these creatures of the night, ‘cause Mr. Norm and the Super Challenger are here to run ‘em out of Dodge. Just the sight of the Super Challenger strikes fear into the hearts of carminals everywhere. With its Jet Black body and Blazing Red stripe, punctuated with the legendary Mark of Mr. Norm on the front fenders, they’ll know that they’ve more than met their match when they face off against the Super Challenger. And no super heroes ride would be complete without a Katzkin custom leather interior. The guts of the Super Challenger exudes Mr. Norm’s take no prisoners attitude, with its black leather and contrasting red accents. Our hero grabs gears with a Hurst Pistol Grip Shifter, the most powerful shifter in the world. Do ‘ya feel lucky, punk? Mr. Norm’s Super Challenger forged wheels by Rodtana wear Pirelli Scorpion Zero tires that grip the asphalt with cat woman like claws. Hotchkis Performance created the lowered suspension that provides the crouching, ready to strike stance, while SSBC 8 Piston Disc Brakes are ready to take a Big Bite out of crime. The bellicose sound produced by the Corsa Performance exhaust on the Super Challenger may wake up the dead in its attempt to muffle the 900 horsepower raging elephant that resides just beneath the Mopar Six Pack hood, but it’s music to Mr. Norm’s ears. And the Super Challenger’s front spoiler and side scoops by Hulst Customs provide the finishing touch to the exterior, providing proof positive that badass really is beautiful.

Introducing the Mr. Norm’s Super Cuda. Drawing inspiration from its race bred relative, the legendary 1970 AAR Cuda, the Super Cuda features a dramatic restyling package that matches heart stopping good looks with heart pounding performance. Amplifying its presence, the Super Cuda features a modern interpretation of the classic Cuda grille and tail panel, coupled with an aggressive front spoiler that infuses it with undeniable character. Reinforcing the theme, the sides of the Hemi Orange Super Cuda are boldly accented with satin black strobe stripes by Sharpline Converting that match the sinister Sherwin-Williams Planet Color Badass Black that covers the hood and adjacent surfaces, much like its storied ancestor. Inside, the cockpit features a Hurst Shifter for precise shifting of the five speed transmission, a Katzkin “Barracuda” custom leather interior with Hemi Orange perforated inserts and Super Cuda monogrammed carpet mats by Designer Mat. And if all that’s not enough, just wait ‘til you push the start button and awaken the wild 900 horsepower Kenne Bell supercharged 16 plug HEMI engine. Singing its siren song through a low restriction Corsa Performance cat back dual exhaust system, the Super Cuda balances tire smoking power with a tuned suspension engineered by Hotchkis Performance. Insuring fade free stops from high speed are massive Stainless Steel Brakes V8 8-Piston calipers. Rolling stock consists of Rodtana 22” modular wheels matched with Pirelli Scorpion Zero Assimetrico ultra high performance tires. Add it all up and you’ve got the new Mr. Norm’s Super Cuda, the street lethal sport coupe. Armed with nothing less than a ground pounding 6.1 Hemi engine, it’s complemented by a chassis with just the right mix of components to harness its power. The Super Cuda looks like a wolf in wolfs clothing, because it is. This is one vehicle that speaks loudly and carries a very big stick.


Jeff Glucker

Just the sight of the Super Challenger strikes fear into the hearts of carminals everywhere

take heed you mother fucking carminals... we won't stand for your shenanigans ANY MORE... Super Challenger is here to eat your souls and face fuck your girlfriends...

(sorry for the potty mouth... i have today off but for some reason I am still at the office...)