80s Nostalgia Reality Check: Coachbuilt Nissan 200SX Roadster

Even after the resolutely anti-convertible Malaise Era ended in 1983— hey, I invented the term "Malaise Era" so I get to define when it ended— your convertible-shopping options were still fairly limited in 1987.


But say you couldn't live without a Nissan 200SX, and furthermore you required unfettered access to the sky while driving? That's where American Custom Coachworks, located in white-powder-centric Beverly Hills, stepped in to help car buyers achieve their extremely 80s vehicular needs. Not many 200SX Roadsters survive, sadly, but I found this one in a Northern California junkyard's "Fixer-Upper" lot.

The yard wanted a pretty steep $1,800 for this potential Hell Project. Tempting, yes, but worth it? If not, we'll see this car on the yard soon enough, getting picked clean of components.

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