800 HP Shelby GT500 Explodes On Dyno

This 2008 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 was the beneficiary of several upgrades that boosted it to nearly 800 horsepower — until the engine decided to experiment with external combustion. Dynomite!


This Mustang, dubbed "Blue Diamond," had its supercharger boosted to 24 psi along with several other upgrades to the stock 5.4-liter block by a Florida tuner. The owner says the engine served him well through a number of races, drags and dyno tests, until a stretched piston rod bolt decided to leave the premises.

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As the owner says about the flaming end, "this time I need to start from the bottom up." In memoriam, we suggest you give the Blue Diamond a posthumous thumbs up in its final contest, the April 2011 Babe of The Month vote at Mustang 5.0 & Super Mustang magazine.

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Jonathan Harper

At least they didn't let Joey get near it...