79-Year-Old Ticketed For Going 147 MPH Because She 'Couldn't Sleep'

(That’s not her)
(That’s not her)

A 79-year-old woman in Belgium was ticketed after a speed trap caught her going over 147 mph around midnight in a Porsche Boxster GTS. Her reasoning in court was that she went for a drive because she “could not sleep.”


The woman was ticketed for for speeding in June of last year, according to the Gazet Van Antwerpen, but faced the charge in court this week. She was reportedly asked if someone else was driving, but she said nope, it was her, and she just couldn’t sleep so she went to clear her head.

According to the report, she did claim she wasn’t aware she was going that fast, but she didn’t fight the ticket. With nothing else on her record, she was fined over $4,600 and issued a three month driving ban.

I worry to think of what high crimes and misdemeanors she’ll turn to now to clear her head if she can’t go for a brisk 150 mph drive. Beware.

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I’m sorry, but a 79 year old woman intentionally going 147 in a Boxster shouldn’t be given a fine OR a ban. She should be given a medal, because she’s clearly a goddamn global hero.

Also, I want to be like her when I grow up.