There is no denying the fact getting 728 horsepower out of a Toyota Camry is an impressive feat which has undoubtedly taken countless hours and quite a bit of dedication. Having said that, we're not entirely sure how we feel about Canadian tuner Dynamotorsport's insane creation.


On one hand it is quite a sleeper, a wolf in beige clothing. It's equipped with a huge turbo which produces the massive amount of boost required to allow the car's 3.0 V6 to put 728 horsepower to the wheels while creating torque steer of unimaginable proportions.

On the other hand the car is still stuck with the less than interesting appearance of a 1992-1996 Toyota Camry. Complete with cheesy oversized wheels, an ugly front body kit and front wheel drive, it's almost second nature for us to hate this car—but we don't.


Ultimately it's impossible not to appreciate this vehicle for what it is. Even if it does have bad wheels and a mostly beige appearance, we have to love the kind of out of the box thinking that motivates someone to create something like this. We just wouldn't want to drive it every day.

Hat tip to snap_understeer_ftw!

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