707 Horsepower Jeep Grand Cherokee Hellcat Confirmed For 2017

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Somebody asked Jeep CEO Michael Manley point-blank if he could put the (in)famous 707 horsepower Hellcat engine in a Jeep Grand Cherokee. His response: “Not only can I put a Hellcat motor in one of those for you, I’m going to bring that to market before the end of 2017.”

Brian Makse, who asked the question and uploaded this video, is my kind of journalist. You want confirmation? Here’s a recording of the CEO himself saying it’s going to happen. That’s a report we can run with.

And indeed; we’re going to be running very quickly when the opportunity comes around to blaze into oblivion with a Jeep that’s far too powerful for its own good.

CAFE standards? Screw ’em, the people want power!

We still think Jeep will use the “Trackhawk” nomenclature for this model. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if they left the “Hellcat” name off altogether even if the Jeep gets the same exact engine as the Hellcat Challenger and Charger.


Whatever, Jeep can try all they want to keep the Grand Cherokee targeted toward a “sophisticated audience,” once you put that much power in anything all sense and reason exists out the exhaust pipe.


Hat tip to Brian Makse! Image via FCA

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