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695 Tributo: Ferrari Builds A Fiat 500!

Illustration for article titled 695 Tributo: Ferrari Builds A Fiat 500!

Ferrari and Fiat's performance division Abarth have partnered together for a surprise Frankfurt Motor Show unveiling — a limited edition Fiat 500 they'll call the 695 Tributo Ferrari. So, um, when did Ferrari become Fiat's new tuning shop?


The car aims to bring new meaning to the term hot hatch. For starters, the 695 will come in the traditional Ferrari color of Scuderia Red and performance gets boosted with a 1.4-liter turbocharged petrol/gasoline engine dialed up to 180 HP mated to an F1-style 6-speed transmission with paddle-shift function. Suspension tuning will compliment the increase in power and a set of red Brembo brakes will sit behind the 17-inch alloy wheels made special for the occasion, referencing classic Ferrari design.

Illustration for article titled 695 Tributo: Ferrari Builds A Fiat 500!

A bigger issue is what this means for the Ferrari brand to be putting their name on a Fiat 500. Is this a watering down of the Italian Stallion brand or is this, like a Ferrari-branded Segway, just a marketing gimmick. Or, worse yet, is this a marketing gimmick that'll unintentionally water down the brand? [AutoExpress via World Car Fans]

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You know, I don't really care what the branding on it MEANS. It has more power, better suspension, it looks great (not huge on the color, though, to be honest), and it's tuned by Ferrari. And if we come back to the branding for a second, I think we all know well enough that Ferrari isn't going to put their name to something that isn't worth it. We already know the Abarth SS is a good little car. So do the math again - more power, better suspension, endorsed by Ferrari.

I'll take one, and then go straight to a professional painting shop and have it made black.